Sales Tech Consulting

Sales Tech Consulting

We help you choose and implement the best cloud sales software for your business.

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Competitive Advantage

  1. Experienced and Unbiased. We've worked with dozens of marketing and sales services and know what works and doesn't. We are especially experienced at Salesforce, unifying data and reporting.
  2. Stay in Sync. Being a marketing agency at heart, we prioritize making marketing and sales work together in harmony.
  3. Low Risk. All of our projects are fixed-fee -- when we give you a price for the project that's the price you'll pay.
  4. Service Obsessed. We provide world-class training, answer emails quickly and fix critical errors within 24 hours -- we are really serious about service.
  5. Endurance. We're in this for the long haul, so plan on our high quality services indefinitely.

"Benevolent Tech is a tremendous Salesforce partner to help affect transformational change and accelerate our growth initiatives without disruption to the organization. They bring a wealth of experience and consultative business sense to deliver on-target, on-time, and on-budget." - Matt @

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